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Feature Request: Add progress indicator when automatically cleaning up disks after shutting down

I installed VMware Workstation to a small Microsoft Surface Go tablet with only 128 GB SSD built in.

So, I need all the free space that I can get. In order to keep a VM's footprint small, I selected the VM's "Clean up disks after shutting down the virtual machine" option.

This, however, becomes a pain in the arm when trying to close the WMware Workstation application window or when shutting down Windows. That's because there is no progress indicator telling me how much of the optimization has finished and how long i have to wait before continuing. There's even no indicator that's telling me that optimization has completed.

Please, VMware, add one or more progress bars to the VMware Workstation status bar, indicating progress and status of optimization.

[VMware]: Workstation 17 Pro; --
[host]: Windows 10x64 host; --
[guests]: Windows 10x64, Windows 8x64.
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Just as an aside, you may want to re-think cleaning up every time you shut down the virtual machine. I'd be worried that the clean up process is write intensive, which is going to shorten the life of the SSD within that device. You're trading off space vs. SSD wear.

- Paul (Technogeezer)
Editor of the Unofficial Fusion Companion Guides
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