Failed to start the virtual machine.


I recently had to update my OS from mojave to catalina (Xcode requires newer OS version to update to latest).

After the update, it rebooted and got stuck on the Apple logo.

I updated to latest VMWare Workstation and selected 10.15 in the settings.

Now I'm getting the error "Failed to start the virtual machine".

My work related stuff are on it so I'm a bit flustered, hopefully someone can point me in the right direction as I haven't been able to find the solution.

This is the log from my vmware.log:

2020-07-17T23:48:35.538+02:00| vmx| I005: Log for VMware Workstation pid=14244 version=15.5.6 build=build-16341506 option=Release

2020-07-17T23:48:35.538+02:00| vmx| I005: The process is 64-bit.

2020-07-17T23:48:35.538+02:00| vmx| I005: Host codepage=windows-1252 encoding=windows-1252

2020-07-17T23:48:35.538+02:00| vmx| I005: Host is Windows 10, 64-bit  (Build 18362.959)

[truncated by moderator]

If anyone has any help/pointers whatsoever, I'd be very greatful.

Thank you in advance.


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OSX VMs have to run on Apple HW to be legal which means you need Fusion rather than Workstation or do you have a Mac with Windows bootcamp which use Workstation to run a virtual OSX?

Expect that your thread will be closed. Youre also in the wrong forum part.


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VMware Employee

Moderator: Things to note:

  • You must create threads in the area for the product used, in this case Workstation Pro
  • You must use the Attach function in the bottom-right of the post creator for log dumps rather than pasting as text - please try again
  • Running MacOS on a PC is illegal, so what is your hardware?

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