FILES S001,S002,...

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I am going to leave porn because I've just fell in love with the virtual product. I would love to become a freak at this subjects...

As you can suppose, I am a newcomer here, and I don't know anything at all about virtualization.

I think you will be very glad to answer me, because I will reward you if you can help me... I promise you that I won't disappoint you...

The question is that I've just created a virtual machine with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 installed, with the default options. All right, when I went to the folder where the virtual machine files are stored, I found many files, called RHEL3-s001.vmdk, RHEL3-s002.vmdk, up to 25 files.

What is the problem? How can I solve this problem? Isn't really it a problem? What are they? Are they snapshots? Is it better to use them or they decrease the performance in the virtual machine? How can I merge all these files in only one with the overall size?

Thank you very much for your help in advance.

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No, they arent snapshots, when you created your disk it was split into max 2gb chunks, so it creates segments. So, its not really a problem.

A number of file systems are fussy about files > 2gb as it involves (as I understand it) 64bit numbers.

Depending on your host OS, personally I make mine not in chunks as its easier on my brain, which imagines it has to be quicker performance wise too, but I doubt theres a huge amount in it as long as the space was pre-allocated.

Best answer is to experiment, its half the fun of virtual machines Smiley Happy



there really is no problem at all.

You have just selected to create the redhat virtual disks in a split format.

Which is a pretty good choice.

If you use the monolithic format your directories may look nicer but that is the only advantage.

When ever you run into problems the split format is much easier to handle.

There also is no proof that the monolthic format performs better - though many guys think so Smiley Wink

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A number of file systems are fussy about files > 2gb as it involves

(as I understand it) 64bit numbers.

32 bit Smiley Wink

2^32 = 4294967296

Now, software very often works with signed numbers and the most significant bit is used as the sign bit to indicate if it is a positive or a negative value. Sometimes negative values are used as 'indicators'.

2^31 = 2147483648

VMWare allows you to create large virtual disks that consist of multiple files, each one slightly less than 2 GigaBytes, so that you can store or transport them easily.