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Exiting Workstation Pro 17 on Ubuntu 22.04 freeze up Network Manager

I have a POP OS (ubuntu 22.04) running VMware Workstation Pro 17.5 both with all updates.  When I go to shut down the Guest and exit the VMware Workstation Pro 17.5 everything appears to be fine but upon opening any browser FireFox or Brave it seems to render the Network manager unusable.  The happens to both wifi and wired network connections.  CLI to restart Network manager fails and I try to reboot but that never comes back up to log in.  Ultimately I have to Hard Boot the computer and everything works again just fine. 

The computer by itself doesn't have any problems until I decide to fire up WMware Workstation Pro and decide to exit the program and then the problem starts all over again. 

Any help would be appreciated

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You will have to back peddle to Ubuntu 20.04. The latest kernel update 6.5 breaks VM workstaion pro 17.5.