Error while creating Windows Server 2019 virtual machine - 0xC0000005

Hi folks, good morning!

I am facing an issue while creating a virtual machine to run Windows Server 2019. On the "Setup is starting" screen, I am always getting the error "Windows installation encountered an expected error. Verify that the installation sources are accessible and restart the installation. Error code: 0xC0000005"

I am aware that this is an access violation error. I have checked all the options below, all without success:

  • Downloaded a new ISO from Microsoft, even on different build of 2019.
  • Used the ISO from different locations and ensured permissions on the folder/ISO were correct. 
  • Changed Advanced settings for the virtual CD/DVD driver to use different interface/legacy emulation.
  • Changed the destination path to a different drive on my host
  • Tried different configurations combinations on the VM setup

To make it more weird, I can create a Windows Server 2016 machine without any problem, so this seems to be specific to 2019. On the attached ZIP, you can find the screenshot of the error as well as the VM log.

Has anybody faced similar issue? This is really driving me crazy!!

For reference: I'm running Workstation Pro 16.1.2


Thanks in advance for the help on this!





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This looks like you originally used the easy install feature ?

Delete existing directory and existing VM and start over.

Use a regular installl and do not use NVME-vmdks but LSI-SAS.

Do not assign the iso-file to sata0:1 but to sata0:0
Do not add USB-devices during initial install and disable Thinprint.
Assign more RAM than 2GB

If that fails again ß attach new vmware.log



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