Erratic display scaling in Workstation 12.5.7

Workstation appears to need a lot more development to detect and adjust scaling.  My environment:

1) One 4k monitor at 150% scaling

2) Two 1080p monitors at 100% scaling

3) Workstation 12.5.7

4) Fully patched Windows 10 host

5) Win7 and Win10 guests

When I work directly on the host, the Workstation UI does not usually display with 150% scaling when I launch it.  It gets even more screwy and unpredictable when I RDP into the host and work remotely.  In an RDP session, scaling (of both the UI and Windows guest) often seems to get applied twice (to 225%), and I frequently have to log off and onto the Windows guests twice because vmtools wants to rescale after logging in the first time.  It seems to help if I power off the 4k monitor when not in use (before I am remote and RDP), but even that doesn't completely solve it.

My other desktop applications seem to handle multiple-monitor scaling much more gracefully.  Of course, with Workstation there's an extra layer of complexity because of the guest OS, but even before VM's are powered on, scaling in the UI does not behave well.

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