DHCP, NAT- without Internet access

Hey Everyone

That's my first time here, I hope that you could help me.

I created 3 virtual machines (they are on the same domain that I created)

1) DC with static IP-

2) DHCP Server with Static IP-

3) Win10 Client- gets IP by Reservation from my DHCP server-

I can ping, transfer files between these machines- works great.

The real problem is that I configured all the Vms with Nat (vmnet8)

and I don't have internet access. How can I allow it?

I tried to check the V for "connect a host virtual adapter to this network"


I noticed that on my Host computer in the NIC Ipv4 settings there is a static IP

Is that ok? what is it means? 


I tried to add a second NIC as a bridged  and I do have intenet access

but in the original Nat Adapter I got APPIA..

I don't want to use the DHCP service of Virtual network editor

I want to simulate it to the real world: DHCP server that allocates IP address 

and the ability to get access the internet. 

I heared that there is an option to edit some configuration file of the network settings 

but I don't know how to do it.

thank you very much! 🙂




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