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Creating 2 VLANS


I have a question regarding the VLANS,

I did install VM workstaion 6 on my host Server, now I want to test some application (ISA 2006), this is going to be my configuration.

I want to have VLAN1 that containe 2 VMPC:

1. windows 2003 DC (mycompany.com)+ Exchange 2003

2.Windows 2003 server with ISA 2006.

I want to have a VLAN2 ( going to act as an external Network ) that containd 1 VMPC:

1. Windows 2003 server

I want first access the recoursces on VLAN1 from VLAN2 without ISA 2006 between the 2 VLANS, then I am going to install the ISA 2006 and configure it and then try to access the recoures on VLAN 1 from VLAN2 trugh ISA server.

Now I would like to know waht is the best way to create these 2 VLANS? and mybe I dont understand the concept of the virtual LNAS, but how can I access the VLAN1 fron VLAN2 when there is no router is between?

Or maybe some one direct me on some toturial on how exectly to create these 2 network .



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