Converting a local machine that has OEM Windows 10

I need to create an image of my OEM OS so that I can run software packages that conflict with one another when running within the same OS.  I am a control's engineer and have found resource sharing issues between two "major" brand controls software companies.

VMware cannot support OEM copies of Windows migrated to virtual machines as this is a violation of Microsoft licensing conditions. If you purchased your computer with Windows pre-installed, you are most likely running an OEM version of Windows.  From the VM knowledgebase, this is my case.

Any help would be appreciated.

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This is a microsoft license question, how is VMware able to address that?
You have to get the correct license(s) from Microsoft, there is no alternative solution.


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You can verify whether the Windows 10 OS is OEM or not by the presence/absence of the letters OEM from the Product ID in the Settings -> System -> About page.

You can also check this from executing from the command line

slmgr /dlv

It will show whether the Product Key Channel is OEM or otherwise.

If it is OEM, as stated by wila you have to obtain an appropriate licence.
If it not OEM, conversion using P2V might be possible. Not sure whether you can obtain the activation key though as it seems the 20H1 onwards the original activation key is no longer displayed using the WMI query.


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