Control Multiple VM

I would like to have multiple VM desktops open,

I would also like the browser, mouse and keyboard actions of one (host) VM to also do the same on all other VM's

If I move my mouse on my main vm then the mouse on all the other vm's move simutaneously.

If I open my browser and install a program then the same is happening on the other 5 vm's

In Summary, I have a lot of tasks to complete and it is the same exact tasks over and over and would like to get the tasks done in batches or all at once. I do not know the name of doing something like that but I saw something similar on videos of people testing UI's. I kind of looked into remote desktop control but most of the info is for running commands.

Example of what I do:

Open Regedit and edit a file

Then Open Web browser and Install a Program

Save Documents from Program in a shared Dropbox folder


I have a template that I make unlinked clones on since this task must be done from separate computers.

I have VMWorkstation

I have 12 unlinked full clones of Windows 10 OS

I am just stuck on the tool or software I am needing to do more research on. A helpful keyword or process name for me to research would be awesome.

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