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Connecting Kali to Wifi, Host has two network cards?


I have found many posts regarding connecting vmware guest OS Kali to wireless USB on the Host PC. However, I haven't found an answer to connecting Guest to Host Wifi.

Allow me to explain;

I have a Host PC Running Windows 10, the Host PC has two network cards installed, one is a LAN or Wired connection, the other is a wireless. I'm not using a USB Wireless.

Currently I have the Virtual Network for vmware connected to the wired network, the guest Operating system Kali is using a bridged connection from the hosts wired network.

I have the wireless network disabled on the host PC, such as I have seen in other postings. So my question is how to have the guest operating system see and use the wireless network from the Host, while maintaining the wired connection.

Solutions I have seen, assume that the host is using a USB wireless.

Thank you to anyone that replies.

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