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Cleaning up Win7 laptop P2V.....

I have migrated a broken laptop (HP) hard disk to virtual using advice in a thread here:


At the end I have posted the same question as below, but I realized that the title of the post is not really valid for that question so I created this new thread instead.

I have now also uninstalled almost all of the hardware dependent programs like display drivers, sound drivers, most of the HP junk applications etc.

I have two remaining issues that someone here might have solved, in which case I'd like to hear how:

1. "This software is not supported on this system"

When I try to uninstall a couple of the HP loaded programs (the fingerprint sensor app "Validity Fingerprint Driver" and "HP Software Framework") the uninstall runs for a while and then stops with the braindead message above.

So it is not possible to get rid of theses two installations.

Anyone that knows how one can fix this?

2. User profile cloning

The second issue is that the laptop was attached to our domain, which I don't want any longer when it is virtualized.

So I need to make a clone of my domain account user profile including *everything* like program installations, settings etc etc.

I am a domain admin as well as a local admin on the cloned laptop so anything an administrator can do I can do.

Basically I want to create a local account that will contain exactly the same data as the domain account does, then test that it works while still attached to the domain by logging on locally to this account.

When this pans out then I plan to move the machine from the domain to a workgroup (by the same name as the domain).

Any ideas?

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Running in to the same thing myself. What did you end up doing?

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