Cannot get VS 11 Remote Debugging Monitor to run

I created a blank Silverlight (either version 4 or 5, makes no difference) application in VS 11 within Win 8 64-bit running on VMWare WS 8.

When I hit F5, the app momentarily runs (just a blank screen, it's an empty Silverlight page), but then an error dialog immediately pops up saying in effect that the 32-bit VS 11 Remote Debugging Monitor (msvsmon.exe service) should not be used, but instead the 64-bit version should be. But the remote debugging link in Win 8 does point to the 64-bit version, and I have tried practically every suggestion in my net search for similar failures, including using the VS 11 Remote Debugger Configuration Wizard.  Also, the service is "disabled", so when I attempt to start it in the control panel, it fails with an error (some property is not being set, but it does not reveal which one).

So where is the problem in running this app in VS debugging mode? The Win 8 Preview? Running VS 11? Running VS 11 inside of VMWare Workstation? Is it a Silverlight problem? (I can debug just fine an MVC 4 app in the same environment.) Does the Silverlight app have to be configured specially to run via F5?

Thanks for any help.

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