Cannot create a wired connection with CentOS Linux/V1804 virtual machine.

I have installed and updated the current version of CentOS Linux using VMware Workstation 12.5.9.

I  cannot create a wired network connection no matter how many options I have tried whether it's with the KDE gui, via console commands or the built in console utility 'nmtui'.

Of interest upon installation of CentOS into a virtual machine the only connection which is available is a DHCP connection, which works, and the problem of not being able to create a wired network connection seems to be with VMware Workstation.  There were suggestion that I have to make changes in the Workstation Network Edition;  have no idea how to work with the VMware Network Edition.

On other virtual Linux machines and other versions of VMware Workstation creating a wired network connection just worked without any issues.

Any help with this issue will be appreciated.  I'm using a Natted connection and defining the virtual connection using standard IP options, nothing special.


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