Cannot See Shared Folder in /mnt/hgfs/

Helloo ,

I am having problem with enabling Shared folder between vmware workstation and Linux ubuntu 14.04 , i tried all possible ways and workarounds i found on net but nothing helped.

I still cannot see my shared folder from Windows 7 into Linux Ubuntu /mnt/hgfs  ... empty nothing there.

any advise

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Using /mnt/hgfs seems to be hit or miss (mostly miss Smiley Happy)


Easy way: run konqueror and enter in the address field: smb://<ip address of host>/<share name>

eg: smb://

It may ask for user name and PW.

You can also use host name, but you may need to put it in the hosts file to resolve.

Harder way: requires Samba client, probably installed by default.

From terminal:
create a directory to mount to (off your home directory): mkdir <directory name>

Use : sudo mount.cifs //host/sharename <directory name> -o user=<username>,pass=<password>


mkdir work

sudo mount.cifs // work -o user=lou,pass=mypass

I install and use konqueror, there are probably others.

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Not certain if this helps, as I am running OSX as my host with Ubuntu 14.04 as the virtual, but my shared folders issue was resolved when I upgrade VMWare Fusion to 6.0.4. Then Ubuntu 14.04 worked again, seamlessly sharing with OSX.

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I JUST upgraded to the latest 10.06 and the problem is still present.

Fortunately I found a solution some time ago on an Ubuntu forum. Can't believe that VMWare hasn't patched this yet!?!

Make a script ( in the Ubuntu VM OS and insert this text into it:

#!/bin/sh -x

cd /usr/lib/vmware-tools/modules/source

tar xf vmhgfs.tar

grep -q d_u.d_alias vmhgfs-only/inode.c && echo "already patched" && exit 0

sed -i -e s/d_alias/d_u.d_alias/ vmhgfs-only/inode.c

cp -p vmhgfs.tar vmhgfs.tar.orig

tar cf vmhgfs.tar vmhgfs-only -d -m

Then "chmod +x" and then "sudo ./"

Voila, it works.

Get on it VMWare... you've got a pretty good product and hopefully enough people to support it.


First do the following in the guest:

$ uname -a

If the kernel version is less than 3.16, then patching inode.c will not help. If it is >= 3.16, the patch will likely fix the problem.

BTW, it's a problem with VMware WS 11 also.

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