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Can’t drag and drop on vmware

Hello everyone

I'm using Manjaro KDE

I installed vmware workstation pro a few days ago because I didn't like the way virtualbox was working

It's much better

The only problem I faced is that I'm unable to drag and drop from the virtual machine (Kali linux) to manjaro

I installed vmware tools and *gtkmm*(both *gtkmm3* and *gtkmm*), also enabled the services related vmware:

1. sudo systemctl enable --now vmware-networks

2. sudo systemctl enable --now vmware-netcfg

3. sudo systemctl enable --now vmware-usbarbitrator

4. sudo systemctl enable --now vmware-vmblock-fuse

Dragging and dropping from my pc to virtual machine is fine but the reverse faces an error on dolphin:

The folder does not exists

The only way to do so is by executing vmware-vmblock-fuse [destination]. For instance:

vmware-vmblock-fuse Vmware/Kali

It's really annoying to do this every time

I'd be happy if someone can help me

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I’m running VMware 15.5.6 on Linux 5.6.11 (Fedora). I’ve found that Drag&Drop only works one way. I can drag from Host to Guest fine, but attempting to drag or copy from Guest to Host produces an error such as:

Error when getting information for file “/Hj1Ipo/asdf.txt”: No such file or directory

The directory indicated does not exist and seems to be randomly generated. This was just a test “txt” file on the guest desktop.

I get the same error from both Linux and Windows Guests, although the non-existant directory changes.

… It looks like “Shared Folders” also fail. Fortunately USB works.

————– more detail ———–

It looks like Drag&Drop from a Linux guest generates a dynamic directory in {home}/.cache/vmware/drag_and_drop/pWMTEe with a copy of what’s being dragged.

The error refers to No such file or directory for /{dynamic_directory}. Note the leading slash /.

If I copy “{home}/.cache/vmware/drag_and_drop/pWMTEe” to “/pWMTEe” in the root directory and select “Try Again”, it finds the directory. It seems like there is an incorrect leading slash somewhere forcing an absolute path instead of a relative path.

Strangely, a Windows Guest will Copy/Paste to the Linux Host but it won’t Drag&Drop. Linux Guests do neither.

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