Can VMware Workstation 16 support frame rates higher than 60hz?

Right click desktop -> display settings -> advanced display settings -> Display adapter properties -> Monitor -> Screen Refresh Rate. For my VM, the screen refresh rate is set to 60hz, and there's no option to change it to anything higher. I've installed VM Tools, which successfully installed the graphics driver. 

My physical monitor is 360 hz, and I'm on a very powerful gaming computer. 3D acceleration of course is activated for the VM. 

I previously worked with VMware 15, and it did not support higher than 60hz frame rates. Does version 16 support it now? I saw people online talking about how they were getting 100 FPS in some games on workstation 16, which got me excited. However, after installing version 16 myself, I don't see any options under monitor settings to go higher than 60hz. So I'm assuming that all these people who think it's giving them 100 FPS, are mistaken. Right?

Because some games will actually report that they are rendering at 100+ FPS, but in reality, you're still seeing just the 60hz that your monitor is limited to. So I assume that everyone who thinks version 16 is rendering at higher than 60hz.... they are mistaken. But if anyone can definitely tell me that they were able to set the VM's monitor fresh rate to something higher than 60hz, please tell me how you did it. Thanks!

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