Can I simulate Network Interface Controller (NIC) for bonding/teaming in VmWare with only 1 physical NIC?

Hi there,

I have a Vmware Workstation virtual machine running Ubunu 16.04. My host (Windows) computer have only one NIC.

I am trying to test the bonding/teaming in Ubuntu follow this link

Because I have only one physical NIC so I tried to add virtual NICs for the virtual machine. I don't hope to get any "performance improving", just

for testing if it can be did.

After I did everything according to the tutorial and restart the VM, all of my NIC were showed as "Device unmanaged".

I want to ask:

1/ Theoretically, can I config bonding/teaming with VmWare virtual NICs, which shared from only one physical NIC?

2/ If (1)'s answer is yes, please give me some advice/tutorial. I spent four day of searching and found not very much thing which related to my case.

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