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CSR 1000v IP Address Conflict

Hi All

Im trying to run a CSR 1000v Router on VMware Workstation 16.2.4.

I have VMnet0 Auto Bridging to my WiFi Network Adaptor on my Lenovo P72 Laptop.

When the CSR Router has Gig1 set for DHCP it fails to receive an IP address from the wireless network.

If I manually assign a Free IP address on my wireless network I get an IP Conflict coming from the Physical MAC Address of the Wireless Network Adaptor, which is different to the virtual MAC address assigned to Virtual Network Adaptor for Gig1.

Other than getting an annoying IP conflict message on the CSR router, a manual assigned IP address seems to work ok. But I cannot get the Wireless Network to assign a DHCP address.

I have tried the exact same configuration on a Lenovo D30 Server with a Wireless Card connecting to the same wireless network and I dont have any issues getting a DHCP address with no IP conflicts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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