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Bug: VMWare workstation (linux host) VM freezes when copying file from pCloud (fuse filesystem no unix style permissions) with copy and paste support enabled

I just wanted to submit a bug report for VMWare workstation pro 15.5.2 linux edition. I use pcloud (dropbox competitor,) which allows for file streaming access through a FUSE filesystem. If I copy a file from this filesystem while I have a vm with copy and paste support running, I receive a popup saying that it can't be copied due to a lack of permissions. When I click OK the mouse is trapped in the vm which is in a frozen state. I found that killing the vmware-vmx process allows me to use my mouse again. I've confirmed that identical files work from my hard drive but cause this behaviour from my pcloud drive. pcloud doesn't implement file permissions which I think is likely the root of the issue. I expect that this issue affects a host of other potential filesystems as well.

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