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Bridged networking over WiFi on Windows (inbound connections not working)

Host OS: Windows 10 x64. VMware Workstation 16.1.

I was previously using bridged networking over ethernet. My VMs (FreeBSD, Linux, Windows) could all talk to the outside world on both IPv4 (DHCP) and IPv6 (static or SLAAC) without trouble. The static IPv6 addresses are all in the public DNS and are used to access services on the VMware guest systems, e.g. SSH, NFS4, CIFS, databases, remote desktop etc. I don't care about IPv4 for external access, it's all v6-only.

I've had to move this machine off the wired ethernet onto WiFi. While the machine has reliable networking, and the hosts themselves can talk to the outside world and to each other on IPv4 and IPv6 no problem, they are accessible by their IPv6 addresses from the host itself and from other VMs running on this host, but not from the rest of the local network or the outside world.

Something seems to be blocking access from the outside world, but I'm not sure where the problem might lie. It might be the router, the Windows 10 host, Kaspersky antivirus, or the VMware bridged network adapter. I've looked at each and I've not been able to identify where the fault lies; I'm not a WiFi network expert. The router is a Xyzel VMG1312-B10D which is otherwise working fine routing IPv4 and v6 over wired and wireless.

If anyone has any suggestions I'd certainly appreciate anything anyone has to offer. Would be good to know if this is supposed to work in the first place, or if my expectations are completely misplaced. If there are some non-obvious settings which need tweaking on the router or in Windows, would be great to know what they might be.

An older suggestion was to use e1000e rather than e1000; I've tried that and it makes no difference.

Thanks, Roger

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