Bridged network is not working in all virtual machines

I have Workstation Pro version 15.5.7 running on MS Server 2016 host.

There is 3 windows 7 Enterprise x64 machines, 2008 R2 Server and 2016 Server  machines, all configured to use bridged LAN connection with unique static IP's. One of W7 machines lost bridged connectivity, reason unknown, with out any changes to host or virtual machine.

Tried to uninstall, re-install NIC of the virtualmachine, remove antivirus, rebooting multiple times, changed static IP to DHCP. Not even access to host computers shared resource. If I change connection in virtualmachine from bridged to NAT it finds shared folder in host.

All extra NIC are removed both from host and virtual machine, Virtual network editor show vMnet0 and it's configured to use specfic host LAN adapter. This has been also tested to bee working working with automatic setting.

I can take RDP session to any other of those other machines.... I lost here...

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