Boot Vista partition from Linux host


My Dell laptop has two partitions. The first is a Linux distro and the other is a Dell branded 64-bit version of Vista. I primarily use the Linux distro, but I would like to use some of the Vista applications in Linux. I had done this on my Mac when VMware Fusion offered to virtualize my Bootcamp partition, but have been unable to do so with Workstation.

I first tried creating a VM with a physical disk and the "Use Partitions" option. I selected only the Vista partition and booted up. I was surprised to see GRUB try and boot up and fail (when it couldn't find the later stages on the non-selected Linux partition).

I then decided to try the "Whole Disk" option. This time GRUB booted and showed both the Linux and Vista options. I selected Vista and started to boot it up. Part way through the boot up process it blue-screens with no real information

Do you think that this is because it's a Dell branded version of Vista which crashes if installed on non-Dell (e.g. VMware) hardware? Is there a way around this?


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