BSOD ntoskrnl.exe - when installing a machine in VMware Workstation 11


As you can see i get a blue screen on my computer when i try to install a windows 8.1 machine,
the blue screen turns up on the moment windows is installing.
Lets say 10 minutes after starting the install.

What i can do is open and start an existing machine
I use VMware for school because of virtualization of Windows Server etc.
On my laptop it works flawlesy but on my new desktop it does'nt.
my desktop is around 2 months old and build it myself.

Under this you can find my specs of my pc and a screen of blue screen view.
I really hope you guys now a fix becouse i dont now what to do anymore, mayby because its AMD? idk

2x4GB Corsair Vengeance
AMD FX6350 Black Edition Stock

Nvidea 7300GT silent
Corsair VS550


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Hello goeindageem,

Welcome at the VMware communities forum.

Unfortunately your minidump screenshot doesn't help as there are no technical details in the screenshot that assist in pinpointing why the VM crashes.

It is more useful to attach the vmware.log file that is in your virtual machine folder.

Use the "Browse" button in the reply window to attach, please do not copy&paste the contents of the vmware.log file.

One thing you can try is to not use "Easy install" as sometimes there are some issue with that.

hope this helps,



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