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Are local host-only virtual network connections kept alive after host sleeps and resumes?

I used VMware Workstation since 2000, switched to WSL 2 a few years ago, but am now thinking of coming back to VMware.

An important point for me is: if there is a living connection (say, SSH or X) between the host (Windows 10) and the guest (Debian Linux) over the local host-only virtual network, and if the host machine is put on sleep and then gets resumed, is the network connection kept alive?  The answer is yes for WSL, and old VMware around 2000 also kept it alive, but more recent versions of VMware Workstation in the 2010's did not.

So my question is: in the current version of VMware Workstation (Pro), are local host-only virtual network connections (such as SSH and X) kept alive even if the host machine sleeps and resumes?

Thanks in advance!

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