Any experiences with common 3D CAD Systems like NX, SolidEdge, Ideas, ...?

Does anybody have experiences with the usage of 3D CAD Systems (like NX, Ideas, SolidEdge, SolidWorks, Inventor, ProEngineer, Catia, others) inside a VMWorkstation (6)?

I would like to know how the performance for normal work or training is.

Lets assume that we have assembly sizes of up to 500 Parts and file sizes are somewhere between 750MB and 1GB for the whole assy. .

The host is a Dell M90 Laptop with Intel Centrino Duo and 4GB RAM - used for productive design and training. Hosts and Guests OS is WinXP.

The license issue shouldn't be a problem - as far as I know we run a Lic-Server on a dedicated phyical machine and this server could be connected.

Any thoughts and input welcome.



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Hi Axel,

I'm currently working on the same issue for testing and software integration purposes. I'm using Catia V5R18SP2 at the moment, host-os XP-SP2 and Vista Enterprise, guest-os same. XP up and running but archived at the moment, Vista in evaluation due to non official release of R18 on Vista by DS.....I have only one machine to play on at the moment.

I have several structures for playing starting at 20 parts up to 10000 parts. Until now there is only the question of overall performance of the System. Felt performance on a HP nw8440 notebook 2GB ram, ATI FireGl 3500, up to 2000 parts is lets say ok for testing.....I would not go to production with this.

Next week I'll try this stuff on a 64-Bit machine HP xw8400 with 16GB Ram and FX5500 with 1GB....and then we will see.

My interest is to see how VMware handles OpenGL. If this works in a stable and performate way I'll try to create a set of virtual machines based on a VMware-Server and after to move for test on i.E. ACE.



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