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All files (except the partitions vmdk files) in the VM directory are empty.

Good day,

I need help. The Windows VM does not start anymore. I have already searched the forum and came across the VMDK Handbook Basics. However, here you always assume that other files are still filled.

Fact is that the log files, the nvram, vmsd, vmx, vmxf and also the vmdk file have no content.

I have a backup of the VM from November 2022. Since then, however, work has also been done on the VM.

Now if you follow the handbook, you can restore the vmdk file if you look at the log files.

Unfortunately I don't know what caused the VM to crash. But there are important documents on the VM that I need to get to again.

Do you have any ideas? Or is everything lost?

The partitions vmdk files look good and also complete. (-s00X.vmdk)

Thank you very much!

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