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After updating to Fusion 12.2 and Workstation Pro 16.2 I can't activate my license keys.

I recently updated my versions of Fusion and Workstation Pro to 12.2 and 16.2 respectively. I was already running the 12.x and 16.x branches and was using active license keys for both. However, after performing the .2 update they are stuck in evaluation mode. It lets me attempt to license both apps -- I can enter the license keys in the prompts. But it never seems to activate or change anything. There are no errors or alerts. It just fails silently. My license keys are active until 2022-April, so those are good. I was hoping it was a bug since it affected both apps and that the 12.2.1 and 16.2.1 updates would fix it, but it didn't.

My Windows version is 10 Enterprise 21H1 and the Mac os macOS Monterey 12.0.1.

Any ideas?

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