Aero on Shared VMs in VMware Workstation 10 / Windows 7

Hi guys. 

I have a virtual machine which is running Windows 7, running on a computer running Windows 7 / VMware Workstation 10.  The VM is currently assigned 1.6GB of RAM, and uses 3D acceleration.  If I run the VM as a local VM, Aero works perfectly.  However, if I drag the machine to the Shared VM folder (which is also stored on the same computer), suddenly Aero doesn't work, and the trouble-shooter in Windows 7 will tell me that my graphics adapter isn't compatible with Aero.

How can I fix this problem?  I would much rather keep the VM in the Shared VM folder, so that I can use auto-start, but I also want to be able to use Aero.  (The host machine is a Core 17, 16GB RAM, and a 2GB video card, if that helps.)


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