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Accessibility issue: Workstation 16 doesn't render title bar correctly in dark mode

Currently, the title bar background color doesn't reflect whether VMware Workstation is the active window in dark mode:

Title area not drawn correctly.gif


It's hard to tell whether keyboard input will be reaching the Workstation application or any other app on the host.


This chimes in with


Please increase accessibility of VMware Workstation by fixing these issues.

[VMware]: Workstation 16 Pro; --
[host]: Windows 10x64 host; --
[guests]: Windows 10x64, Windows 8x64.
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Not sure, whether this has been "fixed" by vmware already.

But accessibility is not only about color, also the size of the window title bar is wrong. The older I get, the more issues I have with everything minimized. VMware Workstation should behave like any other standard windows application and consider my Windows settings and not introduce own ones.


Hello Guys, did you find the answer for this? I'm looking for this answer too, even the newest version of VMware still has the problem with high contrast mode. Please share if you find a way. thanks.

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