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AMD 880G + AMD Opteron 3280 + 32 GB DDR3 only 2 working VM's with 3D accelaration


Recently I installed Vmware workstation 8.0.3 on Fujitsu Primergy MX130 S2 Server but I have very low performance to run multiple VM guests on this Host.

This Server specs are:

AMD Opteron™ 3280 - 8x 2.4GHZ

32 GB DDR3

2x 2TB SATA II, 7,200 rpm, 8 MB (not raid)

Chipset AMD 880G (integrated graphic card "ATI HD4250")

At this moment I'm running Windows 2008 Web Edition R2 Server, since I tried to install Ubuntu 10.04 and there was a collision between the official graphic drivers on ubuntu and vmworkstation 8.0.3.

I'm using 3d applications on the Vmware Guest so I need direct 3d.

Windows XP Pro are the guest and memory I can choose between 512 to 1024MB but doesn't affect nothing.

I'm only able to run 2 Vm's with 3d Application properly and setting 2 cpu x 4 cores on each machine.

Does Vmware Workstation 8.0.3 is incompatible with the Integrated Graphic Card? Why I have so low performance on this machine.


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Shame you have not tried ESXi 5 U1... although cannot see this server model on http://www.vmware.com/resources/compatibility/search.php

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