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2 Problems when using WS11 for gaming: Mouse Driver and sometimes graphic


I`ve bought a new Notebook and was really annoyed to reinstall the whole Software again, some where hard to find, some have limited installations etc. I`ve been working with vmware for many years in my company and also use WS for three years now. But never like that, I`ve installed a Linux Mint 17.1 and I am running the Workstation 11 on it. With that I have virtual Machines bacl to Windows 3.11 (it is always good to keep licenses Smiley Wink )

All works perfectly and I am really happy with the solution.Especially with cloning the HD with clonezilla in Linux for max security against hardware failure.

I have two problems left:

  • I want to use programmable a programmable mouse for gaming and working, because it is just more comfortable. The vmware Mousedriver overrules the vendors driver and therefore I can`t take full advantage of the mouse. Due the mouse has an internal memory some things like "double click" on middle mouse and back on another button work, but I can´t configure it.There are tools for it, but they don`t support the number of buttons my mouse has. The best tool I found was this: X-Button Highresolution Enterprises. Are there better solutions?
  • Are there any other tweaks to get the full performance of the graphics card? Games using nvidia physx don`t recognize the card correctly. All other games seem to work perfectly. Are there any other tweaks besides adding mks.gl.allowBlacklistedDrivers = TRUE to the vmx-file?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

Best regards from Austria. Smiley Happy

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