100% host drive use even after closing Workstation pro

Workstation Pro v12.5.2

Windows 8.1 enterprise 64-bit

i7-6700HQ processor

32 GB memory

Workstation is running on a SSD (130GB free), while the VM file are located on an internal SSHD (975GB free).

If there is more detail needed please let me know.

Let see if I can describe this clearly.

When using my VM it get "laggy" at that time I can see that the SSHD of the host machine is 100% in use.

I can trigger or produce this situation by just Closing my VM and opening the same or another VM.

Even after closing all open VM (most of the tim eit is just one or two) and closing Workstation Pro, the HDD is in use for 100% for a long time (like 20 min.)

Because of this windows and thereby my laptop refuses to shutdown until the process in the background, which is relayed to Workstation Pro, has finished it job.

Things that have been checked:

- windows update within the VM has been disabled

- virus scanner is not installed within the VM or Host (this last past was done as a test, to determine if this was the cause)

- SSHD is not fragmented.

- this issue happens with all VM environments, even with the VM that I use very often.

Would appreciate any clarification that will solve my VM slowing down and taking some much resources that even my laptop refuses to shutdown properly.

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Sorry guys but I would rely appropriate a solution for this.

Thanks for understanding

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