running VMware on old machines

running VMware on old machines

Hi all. Happy new Year.

Not really new to this but its a long time I've been here - fine article here to read and work from.

As I've switched OS on old H/W over to linux disto - have to have from time to time on this machine a VM for M$ OS for use the Com1 port (port replicator bay).

My H/W here Lenovo ThinkPad X61. CPU: Intel Core Duo 2 GHz and 4 GB RAM. OS: Linux Lite OS 5.4 (Ubuntu 20.04). SSD HHD also newish installed.

Issue: latest and a few young WM workstation and player here - doesn't support my CPU.

Much older versions causing a brain damage - with all sorts of fixes, that's good, not all working.

But I'm looking to get a small but working solution to run the application, on this H/W.

What version of player or even the workstation version(test and later buy it) would work here,.

Hope to get a few hints, to get the Virtualization somehow running,

Thanks for the effort in advance.



I'm a huge fan of ESX(i) the best solution for SME or organizations. Used to support this up to certain level.

But we all know that will not work on my H/W 🙂


Have linux disto on a bare bone MSI with old W/H, but latest Ubuntu is working well on it (no Com port). Also on old IBM x31 and T60 (T61) Laptops the 32bit LL OS running for every day use fine (to weak H/W to support VM). Next is to convert the Samsung Netbook from my Ms. to a Linux distro.




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