oracle linux guest problems

i have had a number of  problems running oracle linux 5 & 6 as a vmware guest and just solved most of them by

making sure

eth0 onstartup = true


using standard redhat kernel instead of the (default) oracle  UEK (32bit and 64bit)

ps the latter also lets me run the google chrome browser in my oracle linux 6 vm

are there any other gotchas for creating and running oracle linux vms ?

regards clive http://vizz.info
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I'm running Oracle Vm Server EL5uek (VM Server release 3.2.7) as a VM under vsphere/vcenter 5.5 ..

and under this Vm Server, I am running nested VMs -  solaris 11 and a freenas box. but I've also installed/tested Oracle UL 6.5...all work fairly smoothly..only thing I'm having a problem with,and it's probably related to my inexperience with VM Server, is the networking.from the guests I can ping the Vm server host, and back the other way..but I can't get the guests to ping anything else on my network, even though the guest VM succesfully acquired a DHCP addr during installation process..so I know it can see that network.

my default gateway is set.. I think it has something to  do with bonds and ports in the OVM sense..

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