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how can i stop Windows attempting to upgrade drivers on a virtual machine?

Having recently upgraded my laptop to a new machine i decided to create a virtual copy of my old laptop (using VMware vCenter Convertor Standalone Client) so that I could access files from my old laptop should I need to.

The virtual copy of my old Windows Vista Business (32bit) was created with no problems and I was able to open it with VMware player on my new Windows 7 (64bit) laptop with no problems and everything worked fine (display, network etc.) however after first booting into windows it then proceeds to upgrade various drivers and then requires a reboot. During the reboot the virtual machine blue screens with an 'IRQL_Not less or equal" message and the only way I can get back into windows is to use the 'last good configuration" option from the f8 menu during boot up. This then returns the virtual machine to the state it was in before the first boot and once again windows attempts to update the drivers after booting up.

Is there anywat I can break this cycle. I don't want to spend a lot of time trying to identify which new driver it is that's causing the problem. The machine is working fine after the first boot, I don't want it to update any drivers as I only need to be able to access files on the machine very rarely.

Many thanks in advance for any advice.

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