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I apologize for being in the wrong place.  I can't find the right place.

I'm having trouble with Workstation Player 16.  My issue may be simple.  I cannot find any support area for that package.

Cannot find an email address to send a support request.  VMWare website only supports Customer Connect and phone support.

Customer Connect will not allow a support request until I have registered my product license.  I don't have a license; this is an unpaid trial.

Perhaps the function I am looking for is only available in the paid licensed version.  That might be okay, but why would anyone buy it without some sort of document that says "That only works in the licensed version."  I can't find ANY support for Player.  This is a trial of a product I don't understand.  Certainly, while the software package may well be wonderful, it is too complicated for a newbie to use without help and there seems to be no help available.

Apologies for the confused rant,

Sandy Wills

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

What is the actual problem with the software?


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