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Workstation 16 Player network problem - intermitent



On a Windows 10 Enterprise 22H2, I have Vmware Workstation16 Player. (latest - 16.2.5).

VM is a Fedora 37. Network is bridged, "Replicate Physical...." checked.

However, after starting VM, it experience intermitent conectivity...,...pinging gateway looks as follows:


6 packets lost, 10 packets OK, again 39 packets lost, 8 packets OK, 15 lost, 17 OK, 5 lost, and so on, with no aparent pattern....dmesg doesn't show any up/down on network interface (vmxnet3, by the way)

As I use rarely this VM I noticed recently, but I cannot pinpoint the exact moment when it start to behave like that. Anyway, I tend to blame on Windows 10 update, as Vlware Player 16 is updated back in December 2022.

Does anyone experinced something similar?





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