Workstation 16 Player 16.2.1 for Linux with USB Bug?

If I create a new VM (no matter whether it is Windows 7 or 10) the VM does not recognize any USB mass storage. The menu Virtual Machine > Removable Devices > shows none of the tried memory sticks.

I therefore made the following experiment:

I open an old VM (Windows 7 or 10 installed, created with version 15.5.1). If I run the VM with the Workstation 16 Player, the USB devices can be activated in the menu Virtual Machine > Removable Devices. I shut down Windows. Then I edit the virtual machine’s settings. I delete the USB controller and save the setting. I re-open the settings and create a new USB controller with the exact same settings as before. The settings are saved. If I then restart the VM, it also does no longer recognize any memory stick. None of the USB devices is listed.

Do you have any hint what to do?

Best regards,

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