Win7 + VMware Player - install of VMware NetAdapters disables Win7 internet access

Hi, I've moved from OSX to windows 7 with my new laptop and I have installed VMware player 3 to virtualize Ubuntu. The vmware install went fine and the Ubuntu Virtual OS install 1st failed with options then succeeded with defaults. However, I could not get internet access in Ubuntu (setup with NAT, not Bridge) and when checking in Win7 realized that that connection was up but the internet connection was blocked. VMware added 2 "adapters" to my Network Connections panel, VMware Network Adapter (VMA) VMnet1 and VMA VMnet8. Win7 connected the VMware network but placed the "Unknown Network" in the public zone and won't let me make adjustments. Disabling the 2 VMware Network Adapter entries restores the internet connection for win7.

I made an entry for VMware Player in the MS Firewall.

I tried enabling connection sharing under the Win7 network adapter settings.

Any idea what's going on?

on a side note: Is VMware server 2 a cycle behind VMware Player 3 or are the version numbers incomparable? Is performance comparable? I'm looking at the server edition because I might try dual booting Win7 and a Ubuntu and would like to have virtualization access as well from Win7. I got used to this in OSX with Windows XP using parallels.


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I typically don't recommend dual booting as it takes time and kills access to one OS (not to mention the convenience of moving your VMs from host to host). As for your networking issue, you should have at least 3 adapters in there: 1 physical connection (WiFi, ethernet, whatever) and then the two VMware networks. Your host should be using the regular network connection, but can connect to the VMs if they are on VMnet 8 with the approriate IP. You shouldn't need Internet Connection Sharing enabled if the VM is connected via NAT or Bridged modes, as those share the currently "hot" network connection the host is using.

Are you saying that your host can't go online, but your VM is able to? It looks like you might have tried making adjustments that, in the end, weren't necessary. Do you recall all the steps you took while trying to get this working?

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