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What GPU would you recommend for VMWare Worksation 12 on Linux to run Win10 as a guest ?


Maybe that has already been asked... but a quick search di end up with no real results and/or too many of them, most not relevant Smiley Sad

So here's my question : I am currently running an "old" Mac Pro (4.1 upgraded to 5.1 ; Xeon CPU's upgraded to 2 X Hexa Cores @ 2.93Ghz ; 40GB or RAM ; several SSD's and HDD's inside the machine and outside of it).

The main system is Linux (don't ask why, but basically because I got fed up with Apple stepping backwards with each new product they release !).

I have to run Windows as a Guest OS.

VMWare allows me to do so, but I would like to improve things to have a Win 10 running even more smoothly than it does.

I think one of the major bottlenecks here is my GPU : it's an old ATI Radeon HD 5870 with 1GB of VRAM.

I am considering swapping it for a "Mac flashable card" (just in case I'll decide to resell that MacPro...).

So chances are I will get either an ATI Radeon HD 7970 (3GB RAM) or a GTX 680.

I think that performance wise they're more or less on par, but maybe VMWare uses resources  (Open CL, Cuda, Direct X...) and that would make one of the cards superior to it's competitor...

Anyone has some knowledge he'd like to share to advise on which card to choose ?

Thanks a lot.


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