Webcam USB Device Connection Unsuccessful

Hi All,

I am using latest VMware 16 and facing very critical issue related to the webcam, VMware is simply not detecting my Dell Latitude inbuilt webcam in the virtual Windows 10.

It shows this error:

''The connection for the USB device 'Microdia Laptop_Integrated_Webcam_E4HD' was unsuccessful''

I tried following methods to fix it:

1. Used the standard feature to connect USB webcam but got the above described error.

2. Installed VMware tools.

3. Installed latest drivers both in Host & Guest OS.

4. Also updated all the Windows update.

5. Used repair option of VMware in the Host windows 10 OS.

6. Checked ''services.msc'' and found ''VMware USB Arbitration Service'' is already active and set to start automatically.

But still my webcam is not detecting in the virtual machine.

Is there working solution available.

Kindly help as it is important.

Thank you.Error.png

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Did you find any solution, I'm facing similar problem in my dell Inspiron. Any help is appreciated. Thank you

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I'd check to make sure your Dell firmware is upto date, Dell Support

You can also download the USB raw capture utility to see what your USB bus is doing - its technical mind. 

CaptureSetup/USB - The Wireshark Wiki

Dont know what OS is being used, but as the hardware is essentially the same, this should be useful enough to guide windows and *nix users.

macOS – How to: USB Monitoring with WireShark – Aud-iOS (

I dont know if any AV solutions monitor the USB bus, but its perfectly feasible to inject some malware on some chips used in USB devices in order to gain persistence, thereby rendering any wiping and reinstalling of the OS a wall head banging exercise. FYI.

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