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Good Night everybody! 


I have an issue within the instalation of the Vmware Tools inside the Guest OS, which is an Windows 7 x64. 

I've tried several times to install and reinstall the Vmware tools, but, every time the Setup doesn't install the HGSF (Host Guest Shared Folders Driver), which i need Sooooo Much. 

The message says that, theese drivers needs to be installed manually. However, I cannot find theese drivers, nor install by Setup. 


What can i Do to fix this Issue? 


Thank you very much Guys! 


Lucas Oliveira Xavier

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With Windows 7 VM, some updates need to be installed to support SHA-2 for VMware Tools 11.x to install properly.

For Windows 7 and Windows server 2008 R2 Guest:

Review the information available here:
Download and install the required Windows updates available at and


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