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VmWare Player 50% slower on Linux

As a registered Workstation 5.5 user, I was exploring the possibility to remove

XP from my Laptop and move to Linux (Fedora Core 10 or Ubuntu 8.10)

I then installed Linux (bothUbuntu and Fedora) and tried VMWare Player 2.5 for Linux.

All installed and compiled succesfully on both Linux OS.

With my big surprise I noticed that the same Virtual Machines (XP Guests)

were running as much as 50% slower on Linux. Fedora better than Ubuntu

but still very slow when compared with VMWare Workstation 5.5.9 on XP Host.

VMWare Machines are on an external USB Drive in both cases (XP or Linux Host)

and to avoid hitting file system problems I transferred XP VM to a Linux file system.

Nothing changed. What's going wrong? is this standard behavior?

- Best Regards

- PashaVM

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