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Virtual machine does not work properly after being copied to a new computer

I have two Windows 98 (SE) virtual machines that run perfectly well on my old computer (Windows 10 64-bit, Intel Core i7-7700 CPU). I ran these machines using VMware player 15.

I have switched to a new computer (Windows 10 64-bit, Intel Core i9-11900 CPU). I copied the virtual machines (directories) to the new computer and tried running them using the same VMware player. The virtual machines seem to be partially corrupted. Specifically:
-  Some programs would not run complaining about missing DLLs (with obviously garbled DLL names in most cases)
- Some programs complain about OCXs not registered
- Some programs generate exceptions
- Windows (guest) occasionally hangs during shutdown and need to be forcibly shut down.
- Event though VMware tools were installed in the guest (and I reinstalled them) VMWare tools icon is not visible on the task bar

The behavior is inconsistent - for example, there is a program that runs on Windows (guest) startup. Most often it crashes during startup, however occasionally it succeeds in starting up and then functions normally.

However many other programs run well (every time).

I tried upgrading the VMware player to the latest version (16), however the resulting behavior was identical.

Note: the new computer was created by cloning the system disk from the old computer and using it as is. After installing some drivers from Windows update the new computer seems to be fully usable.

I did try uninstalling VMware player and reinstalling it, however this didn't change the situation in any way.

I tried playing with machine settings (peripherals, amount of memory), however (as expected) this didn't  help.

Is there anything that could be done?



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