VMware workstation 16 player on ubuntu - guest OS windows 10 Pro. VMX File missing after upgrade


After I upgrade Ubuntu Stuido where my VMware is installed and Windows 10 Pro as guest OS. The VMX file is missing.

$ pwd
/home/karl-arne/vmware/Windows 10 Pro contain:

karl-arne@karlarne-Aspire:~/vmware/Windows 10 Pro$ ls
vmware-0.log 'Windows 10 Pro-s003.vmdk' 'Windows 10 Pro.vmdk'
vmware-1.log 'Windows 10 Pro-s007.vmdk' 'Windows 10 Pro.vmsd'
vmware-2.log 'Windows 10 Pro-s008.vmdk' 'Windows 10 Pro.vmxf'
'Windows 10' 'Windows 10 Pro-s014.vmdk' 'Windows 10 x64 (2)'

'Windows 10 Pro-s001.vmdk' 'Windows 10 Pro-s016.vmdk'

VMX file is missing and I got a message that vmx is corrupt.

In fact: The startup screen show no operating system to boot in VMware..

Thank you very much for your support


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I extracted the vmx from your latest log.

I commenented the line referencing the vmss - if you want to try the suspended state remove the #



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Sorry, this may be obsolete, because there meanwhile was a more spot on answer ... but for further use, maybe ...

Probably it is missing then, is it missing?

Other possibilities:

- not sure what you were upgrading?

- if you moved/copied something in the upgrade, use rsync. Doing an interactive copy with Nautilus (or similar) is never reliable, especially with a dataset like that of VMware

- check the permissions of the VMware files (not sure how they could have changed)

- did you install prerequisites for Ubuntu Studio (build-essentials ... google it)? (although, this should prevent you from compiling after VMware install)

- did you check BIOS for virtualization, previously this was not required previously, not knowing what you upgraded? Although, this should kill VMware without any error message on the screen when attempting to open any VM

- did you check VM cpu settings. It seems that "Virtualize CPU performance makers" should be selected with Win10

- if your VM is on NTFS, it doesn't work (with 18.04 and 20.04 Ubuntu. With 16.04 it does work - if talking about LTS versions, only. Studio probably the same).

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