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VMware Player 64-bit Linux (Host OS Ubuntu 64-bit) and usb microphone issues

Hello everyone,

I have the following:

Base OS: Ubuntu 10.04


VMWare Player 64 bit Linux

Virtual Machine (32 bit Ubuntu 10.04)


Everything is running 100% fine, until I start the Ubuntu Virtual Machine. It locks the entire base OS. I have to Cold Reset.

I can run Skype and other recording software just fine in base OS and other applications on the base OS.

The minute I attach the usb microphone to running vitrual machine or start it up with the usb micriphone turned on it locks the entire base OS.


What to do??? there are no logs that indicate anything went wrong. It simple locks the base OS and flashing numlocks and caplocks with no mouse or keyboard activity.

I need to record via the usb microphone.

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