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VMWare Player 12 on Linux : sends guest OS (Win10) to sleep and quits :-(


Switching from MacOS to Linux I needed a solution to run MS Office on Linux (and no, I can't replace with any other software !).

So I first tried VirtualBox, but it doesn't run really smooth.

I then discovered VMWare Player, and that one runs MUCH smoother than VirtualBox.

But if I launch a VM in VMWare Player, leave my machine for an hour or so, and come back, I find that VMWare player has sent the guest OS to sleep and has quit.

Here's the config used :

- Mac Pro Dual Hexacore Xeon @ 2.93Ghz ;

- 40 GB RAM ;

- Host OS : Linux Ubuntu Mate (installed on a SSD drive) ;

- Guest OS : Windows 10 - 64 bits (installed on another internal SSD drive).

I tried to retrieve the VMWarte Log, but it really doesn't show a quitting, nor any abnormal activity.

Is that a know limitation of the Free (non commercail version ? Or is something wrong ?

VirtualBox could last there for hours/days...

Thanks for your suggestions.

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Hi Guys,

Replying to myself...

I thought about the possible causes to my problem and thought that maybe VMWare Workstation quitted when the Guest OS got to rest.

So I modified the energy saving settings in the Guest OS and ask it never to go to sleep.

VMWare Workstation is now on since 8 hours with no quits.

Problem solved...  but this is the first time I have to play with settings. Never had to do that with Virtual Box or even with VMWare Fusion 8 when I was still running MacOS.



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