VM freezes while writing into shared folder

Hello everybody,

since recently my VM freezes while i'am trying to write files into a shared folder.

More precisely, i was browsing through some websites and i wanted to save some images from that website into my shared folder.

While doing this, the VM randomly freezes at the point where the "Save under" windows opens. I'am unable to power off or to restart the VM. Also forcing the VM to close doesn't work at this point. Only killing the process on the host machine works but then i'am unable to start the VM again. When i try i got an Error : "Failed to connect pipe to virtual machine" ... Only after a complete restart of the host i'am able to power on the VM.

Those freezes are random and i'am unable to reproduce. Sometimes i can save 20 images without problems, sometimes only two.

Host and VM are Windows 10 and i'am Running the most actual Version. It was working before and i have not changed anything.

Any Ideas?

Greetings and Thanks


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Same problem

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