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Hi, VMware, folks,

first of all let me express my recognition of your great software that I highly appreciate!

Unfortunately there is a very annoying shortcoming of VMware that I ask you to eliminate asap:

I am referring to the fact that the VMware products need to be recompiled with every new linux kernel. This is annoying since it takes a lot of time to investigate the actions to be taken, search forums, go through the various steps and reconfigure the system after a Linux Online Update.

Moreover in many cases I discover that VMWare needs to be recompiled just when I am being in a hurry.

And the recent linux-xen-kernel does not seem to work with my vmplayer at all. This makes vmware somehow unreliable on a linux host system. In addition every action to be taken by the user costs enormous amounts of time, because it is not our daily work to recompile sources and to hunt for and deal with the latest vmplayer-any-where patch.

Therefore I kindly ask you to provide regular up-to-date rpm packages for the most important LINUX distributions on behalf of a convenient installation that avoids the need for people to reinvent the wheel each time they encounter the said problem.

In Germany, btw, the most widely used distribution is Opensuse, followed by Ubuntu.

Thanks you in advance for your considerations.

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One solution is not to update your kernel until you know that it have been tested with the VMware product you are using and that there are pre-built kernel modules available for this kernel version.

Most software lists the Host requirements to use the software and VMware lists the supported Linux distributions and Kernel versions in the documentation.

Please take the time to read this information because it is well written.

You can not have two hypervisors on the same system ( Xen & VMware)

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